Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY: Front Door Sand, and Stain Part 1 and a few things I learned

I spent a good bit of the day sanding and staining my double front doors.  I have been dreading this project.  We have only lived here a little over a year but the afternoon sun beats down on our door.  So, after only a year it looks faded and needed some maitenance.  This picture below is before this summer hit and it actually looked way better than it did when I started on it today. 

I got really lucky when I hit the hardware store today.  I had already done my research on what to buy and how to go about this process but there were a few things that I learned today about different stains and protective coats like poly.  I was looking to use the stains that would last the longest and hold up against the brutal afternoon sun.  I was also looking for a clear protective coat that had some sort of UV protection that would help it last even longer.  Here is what I ended up with:

I was about to buy polyurethane when the saleswoman stopped me.  She told me to NOT use poly on an exterior that was going to get alot of sun.  This I did not know.  Everybody in my neighborhood uses poly and that is what our builder used on our door.  Hmmmmmmm!  Maybe that is why we are all having to redo our doors so often.  So I walked out with Cabot Spar Varnish and will use that as my final clear coat. 
The next thing I walked out with was a different stain than I had planned on buying.  I had planned on buying Minwax in Jacobean.  She told me that I would be better off using the stain from either Cabot or Rust-oleum because their stains are pigment based and the color would last longer than the Minwax stains that are dye based.  So, I ended up gettting this one by Rust-oleum in the darkest color for that line called Kona. 

More to come......  I finished one coat today and will let it dry overnight. 

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