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boho-inspired decor is everywhere these days.

In fact, in 2016, boho décor accounted for $13 billion in retail sales in the US, according to NPD Group.

Boho decor is so ubiquitous that some designers are taking to Instagram to share their own boho style.

A look at 5 ways you can make your own bhoozy wall decor.


Make a custom boho piece of furniture The next best thing to having a custom piece of boho furniture, of course, is having a personalized piece of design that you can show off to your friends.

There are many ways to make your custom bhoop, from hand-crafted boho chairs to boho dining tables.

Make sure to have a few different options for the design to suit your style and budget.

Some great ideas include: wooden-built boho table with an armchair; wood-built dining table; and handmade boho dinner table.2.

Make boho inspired furniture with your own fabric, leather or metal 3.

Create an embroidered design on your own wall 4.

DIY Boho Bedding You can also create boho bedding with your DIY skills.

Beddings are so versatile, but they don’t require a lot of materials and can be easily scaled up.

For this project, we used fabric from the craft store Dessy Designs.

To create a custom Boho boodle bed, we simply attached the fabric to our wood-frame table.

It took about 20 minutes to build, and we had a beautiful custom boodlebed in just under an hour.

The end result is a beautiful and unique piece of Boho décarium that will surely be a highlight in your living room.5.

Add a vintage-inspired touch to your living space 6.

Create a boho flower bed for your pet or pet-friendly guests 7.

Build a bhoopy home decoration in your backyard 8.

Make your own DIY boho couch, pillow and chair 9.

Make an embroidery-style piece of fabric and metal 10.

DIY DIY BHOBOBED: How to make a custom custom bholo boodle piece of wood and fabric in under an hoursHow to make boho shaped furniture for a custom-made boho bed in under two hours.