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How to create an emotional connection with your child with a video.

“It’s just about creating a connection that’s emotional and a feeling of belonging,” says Liz Kohn, an expert on children’s and family therapy at the University of Pennsylvania.

“If you want your child to feel like a part of the family, you need to have the right amount of affection, so that they’re emotionally connected.”

A new study, published in the journal Child Development, found that kids who cry are happier, healthier, and more connected to others.

A child’s level of crying is a marker for how much their mood is affected by stress.

So how can you make that connection?

The research involved an intervention designed by a team of researchers at the Universities of Pennsylvania and New York, which involved creating videos that were designed to highlight the emotional connection children had to their parents.

They then watched the videos, using technology to analyze the video.

They found that the videos had a strong effect on how children felt emotionally.

“When we made the videos and put them on our computer, they were incredibly powerful,” says Kohn.

“The emotion of the video was very clear to our participants.

And we found that this video really helps them feel connected.”

Kohn adds that parents who are motivated by their children’s emotional well-being can actually change the way that children feel about their parents if they use their child’s experience to help them create a better relationship with them.

“What we found is that parents can actually create a more loving, connected, and caring relationship for their children,” she says.