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This year, I thought I’d make the most of my beautiful wedding day with a new piece of art.

It was a simple and beautiful piece of decor that I’m sharing here. 

Here’s how to make a stunning, colourful and modern wedding decoration.


Decorate your wedding night  1.

Choose your theme, choose your dress and add a little sparkle to the evening.


The bride is in her wedding dress.


Her groom is in his wedding gown.


The photographer is standing in front of her.


You are now ready to decorate your wedding day.


Cut out the centrepiece, add the flowers and accessories and make the whole piece look unique and special.


Decorate your day. 


Decide what you want your guests to say to you when they see your beautiful and colourful wedding day decor.


Have your wedding party come to you to decor, and decorate them as you go along. 


Have guests say the word ‘love’ to you, and add some colour to your evening with a sparkle of colour. 


Decorating your day with simple, colourful, colourful decorations can be a fun, fun way to spend the night.


Make sure you take your guests on a tour of your home, and see what all the fuss is about.


Decoration can be fun, festive, and very simple to do. 14. 

If you’re a bride who loves to decorating her day, here are some ideas to help you get started. 


Bridal wall mirror: The perfect addition to your wedding dress is a simple, decorative wall mirror. 


Wall mirror decorating tips: How to choose the right colour for your decorating project and when to start. 


Wall mirror decorate tips: Use a wall mirror to give your guests a glimpse of your favourite piece of artwork before decorating it. 18.

Wall decorating tip: Find the perfect time to add colour to a wedding day, when the mood is lighter and more relaxed. 


Wall decoration tips: Make your wedding centrepiece a beautiful, colourful piece of furniture and put a little bit of sparkle in the afternoon. 


Dress up the evening with colourful and beautiful floral embellishments: Make sure to add some colourful and lovely embellishings to your formal dress, as a special occasion or just as a gift. 


Make a beautiful gift for your loved ones by creating a unique gift to decorat your wedding with a splash of colour and sparkle. 


What are some ways you decorate a wedding?

Share your ideas in the comments below. 

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