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Coffee table decorations are becoming a common sight in homes, cafes, restaurants and other venues.

And while they’re a good idea for those who don’t mind decorating a small space, it can be tricky to get the right fit.

But for those looking to add a touch of French country to their dining table, this collection of DIY French country pieces is worth a look.

From simple wood tablecloths to floral and floral motifs, these ideas are designed to make your kitchen and bar feel more inviting.

From French country wallpaper to French country furniture, this is a collection of great ideas for those wanting to make their dining room or dining room lounge feel a little more modern.

French Country furniture from The Bookshop.

Source The Bookstore.

French country carpet from The Craftsman.

Source A modern French country table from The Artisan.

Source Flowers and wood from The Garden Cafe.

French furniture from Artisan Design Studio.

The Bookseller.

French tablecloth design from The Designer.

Source Coffee table design from Design by Jans.