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New York City’s bathrooms have long been a staple in American culture, and while there are countless designs for new bathrooms, this article is here to share 10 of our favorites.

A classic shower tile with a bow on the inside of the bowl and a bowl that is filled with water.

Bathroom decor and furniture that has been created from scratch to fit the room.

This bathtub has a bowl filled with fresh water.

The bathroom with a pool with a door that opens to a bathroom mirror.

A bathroom with shower curtains that open to a wall of mirrors.

A toilet that is completely empty.

Bathrooms with doors that open into a bathroom, a shower curtain, and a shower that is empty.

A vanity and bathtub with a shower door that is open to the hallway.

A bathtub full of water and a bathtub wall that is full of towels.

A tub full of bath water that is placed on the floor.

A shower that has a mirror that is a mirror with a curtain on top of it.

A water feature that sits in a bowl on the opposite side of the bathroom from the bathtub.

Bathtub decorations that add a splash of color to the bathroom.

A new toilet seat, a mirror, and even a shower with a mirror and a curtain that is partially filled with rain water.

A splash of water on the toilet seat.

Bathhouse decor that makes the bathroom look more inviting and welcoming.

A custom-made bathtub for the bedroom, a tub for the bathroom, and an empty tub for a bath.

A large, wide mirror in a vanity for the room, a bowl of water in the bathroom that is not covered by the tub, and toilet seats that are not filled with the tub water.

You can see how each of these designs fit the bathroom decor theme here.

And remember, if you are looking for something that is unique, then you will find it in our bathroom decor list.

You will also find great bathroom decor from all over the country in our bathhouse decor list, including New York, Florida, Nevada, and Hawaii.

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