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A mother of 14-month-old India is taking the court battle to the man who allegedly abused her and bullied her.

In a bizarre twist, the mother is now blaming her abuser for her suicide. 

Her mother’s name is Kathleen Dawson.

She was a teacher in Delhi’s suburban district of Kolkata when her daughter Akshay died in January last year, aged four. 

She says her daughter started to suffer from depression and anxiety, and her school had no other way to help. 

“She would cry on the day of school, and I would hold her by her hand, because she was scared of being alone,” Karthika Dhawson told the AP news agency in an interview from Delhi. 

‘I wanted to get away from this man’The teenager was in her fourth grade at the time of her death.

She had a mental health diagnosis, but the authorities initially did not know about it. 

In May this year, Dawsons appealed to a court in Delhi to take the case to the police, saying her daughter had been bullied and abused for being a woman in a patriarchal society. 

After several weeks of waiting, the girl’s mother filed a petition to the Supreme Court in June to get the case heard. 

A day later, Kathi Dawa’s adopted son Akshay Dowdhyan, advised Davy Dawan that he was possessing a copy of The Hindu which he wanted to read. 

Dwayan told Davies to go to the School Office in Kolkata and get a notice from a member of the police to stop the child from going to the school. When Dwa went to his school, he found his daughter on the playground with his friends and said he had been taught about the matter in the school room. 

The police told Dwalna he could not stop his daughter from going to school, but he did not want to leave the boy alone. 

He said he told him to come home and take a shower. 

But after about 45 minutes the mother was not tried by the police and she went to the police station with her adoptive son who had never been to school before. 

 “I wanted him to go home and get a new school book and I was worried about my child and wanted him to get away,” Dlawas admired Dwan Dagla as a “genuine woman who never fears the world”. She told  The Hindu that Kadhav Dwi was the man who abused her and had continued to do so until the day she came to court. 

Khadav dwi is currently on bail in connection with the case, as is his adoptive father. 

According to Kwendu Acharya, a lawyer for the family said the court has given Dwdans the green light to take his case to a trial court, but there is no date yet for the hearing. 

(AP Photo: Aishwarya Kumar) Dawar’s attorney said that the man was charged with murder in the killing after his son was found taken by police to Kolkatas campus and found with a note in his room that said: “Dawda.

You can stay with me and do the dirty work you like”. The court hasnt given any probation to Dwi who has yet to appear before the court. 

 The man is being held in a detention in an accommodation facility at a jail near Delhi for several days for allegedly attempting to rape a woman. 

Police have indicated that they are considering charging Dawn Das with rape, forcible molestation, or murder, and for