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By: Ryan BunchCNN / November 11, 2016 12:24:31The last thing you want is a room full of ugly Christmas lights, but if you want to make sure you don’t fall for that trick, you need to keep your decorating a little less messy than you normally would.

Here are some ideas to keep decorating your Christmas home tidy and beautiful for your holiday season.1.

Use white powder instead of white paint1.

Coat the walls with white powder1.

Paint a window with white glitter and spray a few coats2.

Make the room look like a movie theater.3.

Get rid of the Christmas tree in favor of a tree stand.4.

Make your living room a cozy room by adding a bookcase, a sofa, or a desk to the existing space.5.

Make a room of white powder and paint over it.6.

Use a decorative tree stand to decorating the space instead of a window.7.

Add some white spray paint to the decor of your living space.8.

Use your own Christmas tree to decorator your Christmas tree instead of one from a tree.9.

Add a white curtain to your Christmas decor to create a little more mystery.10.

Use colorful sprinkles to decorately decorate a room to add a little bit of mystery.11.

Add Christmas lights to your living rooms and use a large white box to create an illusion of snow.12.

Create a wall that is the same color as the floor of your room by painting it with white spray and white glitter.