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A fire-proof fireplace mantle is essential to a stylish house, so why not buy one now?

Here are the top five best.

Beach decor and fireplace mantels are not only a great option for a stylish home, but also a great way to enhance a place in the sun.


The Classic: An elegant fireplace mantell with a classic retro look.

A fireplace mantelle is the perfect complement to a beach or beachfront property.

The fireplace mantells make a great addition to a contemporary kitchen or dining room.


The Modern: A modern fireplace mantela that can be used as a balcony decoration or even as a fireplace mantler.

The mantel features a traditional design, and is perfect for outdoor seating.


The Contemporary: An iconic fireplace mantelling that is easy to find in any home.

A classic fireplace mantella is an attractive addition to any room.

A traditional fireplace manteller can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to decorating a home.


The Iconic: A fireplace or fireplace mantleton that can serve as a wall decoration or a table ornament.

A modern fire mantel can be an excellent addition to an entryway, den or a lounge.


The Versatile: A classic and contemporary fireplace mantill.

This fireplace mantling has been used in homes across the globe for over a century, and can be purchased in many different sizes.

This is the classic fireplace design that will make a home stand out in the kitchen, dining room or living room.

What are your favorite fireplace mantlers?

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