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By Mark ClementsA Christmas cookie decorator in Sydney’s inner west has created a festive, three-dimensional Christmas tree to decorate his Christmas tree in honour of his favourite actor.

Mark Clements, who runs the Christmas Cookie & Cookies in Sydney, is famous for decorating his own trees, and this year he’s brought his own creation to life.

“It’s been a big hit with our guests,” Mr Clements said.

“I’m really pleased it’s been popular.”

Mr Clements created the tree to honour the actor who has been recognised for his contributions to film, theatre and television.

“He was a pioneer of the feature film format, and I thought it was the perfect way to honour him,” Mr Farr said.

He said he hoped to get some other guests to contribute to the Christmas tree, too.

“People want to put a big smile on their face,” Mr Millington said.

A number of friends, relatives and friends of the actor have donated to the tree, which is being made in his honour.

“My mum bought me one a couple of years ago,” Mr Suggs said.

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