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Bombay, India – The food in this city is always in the spotlight.

The decor and the cuisine is also legendary, but this is not just a place where you can buy food.

There are restaurants like Mango Gourmet where the taste of rice and curry, and a variety of vegetables, are a must.

This place is in a different era, and it has been transformed into a vibrant and creative restaurant.

Mango Goya in Delhi, India, is famous for its vegetarian cuisine.

This restaurant is now the world’s most popular. 

Source: The restaurant has been named the world most popular restaurant by the “Best of Show” at the World Travel Awards, which are held annually in Dubai. 

The chef who brought Mango to life, Manish Agarwal, has opened the restaurant for a few years now, and its success has been a major factor in his decision to open the restaurant in Mumbai, where it’s been a part of the cultural fabric for decades.

Agarwal has been cooking food for over a century, and is one of the original Indian chefs who has influenced the likes of James Beard award-winning chef, Guy Fieri. 

“We have been in Mumbai for about 15 years, and the city has changed a lot,” Agarwals wife, Sita Agarwa, told Business Insider India. 

Her husband, the restaurant’s chef and owner Manish, has worked in Mumbai’s kitchens since he was a teenager, and he believes the city is more than a food city.

“I want to say it’s not a food capital, it’s a culinary capital,” he said. 

Manish Agorwal with his father Manish in a photo from The Food Network. 

Agarwally said that Mango is an example of what happens when an individual chooses to live and work in Mumbai.

“It has created an amazing atmosphere and atmosphere that is a reflection of the city,” he explained. 

In fact, the chef’s mother, Prashant Agarwarwal, told The Times that the restaurant is “a dream come true” for her son. 

At the restaurant, customers get to experience the cuisine and culture of Mumbai in its original and contemporary form, while they watch the cooking. 

It is located at Noida’s historic Mumbaikars Road, where the famous Mumbala Palace was once located. 

While Agarwi is a vegetarian, his restaurant does offer some dishes that are vegetarian, including the famous Indian chicken curry and the beef kofta, which is a popular dish in Mumbai at the moment. 

Mango goya is also a popular spot for vegetarian visitors. 

 “It’s a wonderful experience, because there are so many people who come here,” Agorwals mother said.

“People are so happy to see us.” 

It was also a major reason for him to open Mango.

“My father used to tell me to stay in Mumbai so that my family could have a good life,” Agraws mother said, adding that the food is “so good”. 

Mumbai has a large vegan population, and even as the city evolves into a major hub of vegetarianism, it has maintained its vegetarian culture. 

People have come from all over India to eat vegetarian food at Mango, and that has made the restaurant so popular, according to Agarwinas mother. 

According to Agorwar, Mango was opened because he believed that there should be a place for all cultures. 

There are many vegetarian restaurants in the city, and Mango has been one of them, said AgarWals father. 

He said that his mother was not against the idea of eating vegetarian food.

“But it’s very difficult for us to live in Mumbai without eating meat, and I think Mango would be a great place for us,” he told The Times of India.