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I’m currently living in a house with a lot of rustic wall decorations.

This is the first time I’ve tried out a DIY cupcake decorator to decorate my apartment.

I started by getting a DIY Rustic Tank Decorating Kit from Etsy.

I had an idea for a rustic cupcake decoration that I thought would be fun for the winter.

I love to have fun and decorate, and I wanted to have something that would be unique and something that I could put up on the wall.

This cupcake was my perfect match.

This DIY rustics cupcake comes with a simple rustic DIY rustico-inspired design.

I’ve found that the best way to make your own cupcakes is by creating your own batch of cupcakes that you enjoy making.

For this recipe, I chose to make cupcakes from scratch.

The first thing you’ll need is a cupcake pan.

I decided to use the pan from this lovely cookbook:   A Cupcake Pan with a Super Bowl of Fruit & Vegetable Crumbles Recipe.

If you are making this cupcake for a family or group, it would be great if you were able to make each of the individual cupcakes individually.

I wanted each cupcake to be unique so I had to make the cupcakes by hand.

Next, you’ll want to make a rustico cupcake.

You’ll want a small cupcake tin or cupcake plate.

A cupcake tray is a great way to keep all the cupcake goodies, but it can be hard to find a cupcakes tray that fits your kitchen.

I like the stainless steel pans I found on Amazon because they are easy to clean.

If you can’t find a rustica cupcake, you can always make a cup cake tray.

I used these stainless steel ceramic cups for my cupcakes.

I just filled them with batter and filled them about half full. 

The cupcake maker on this website also makes a rustican cupcake which you can purchase as a gift.

Lastly, you will want to decorating materials.

I’ve used this rustic rustico recipe for cupcakes to make this rustico DIY cupcakes, but I’ve also used my homemade rustico coffee mug to decorator.

Rustico cupcakes are a great dessert for the holiday season because they can be so easy to make and they are also great for decorating or sharing.

I hope you have as much fun decorating your apartment with cupcakes as I did making mine. Enjoy!