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Style experts have spoken out about the need for style in modern homes and the impact of the festive season on home decor.

Many have praised the modern house as the best way to decorate your home, while others have criticised the festive trend for not keeping up with the times. 

In an effort to combat the trend, many home decorating experts have said they are putting their own spin on traditional Christmas decor. 

The popular and eclectic designs have been embraced by fashion experts for their playful and fun designs. 

According to an infographic from design blog Designer, most of the best Christmas decorating trends will involve using fabrics, patterns and motifs to create unique and creative decorations.

This infographic outlines the top 5 Christmas decor pieces you can choose from.

Image credit: DesignerThe infographic also outlines the most popular Christmas decor trends that have been adopted by home decorers around the world.

The infographic is curated by Design Director Lauren LeClaire, a designer from New York who also designs and writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Here are some of the most common Christmas decor patterns used by home designers around the globe.

Image source: DesignerThere are also a few other styles that have taken on a festive flair as well.

For example, you can find a number of styles inspired by a popular holiday icon.

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