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Posted November 03, 2019 05:07:06 A family in the northern California desert has been using Christmas decorations to decorate their car for nearly two decades.

The decorations are handmade out of trees from the local community.

The Christmas tree decorations were part of a community Christmas tree planting event at a home near the town of Alhambra.

A video posted online on November 3 shows the family decorating their car, with a lighted tree, a Santa Claus costume, and a Christmas tree on top of a pickup truck.

In the video, a young girl can be seen walking down the driveway and telling the family they have to get the decorations done.

“I’ve got to get it done because I’m a little bit scared,” said the girl.

The family in Alhambrada said they had to hire a contractor because the tree was a little too large.

They are not sure how much longer they can keep it up.