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Decorating your sugar cookies with glitter is the easiest way to show off the icing.

Read moreThis sugar cookie has glitter in it because it’s coated with glitter.

This is the second time I’ve made glitter in a sugar cookie.

I also made a glitter candy in 2013 and a glitter lightbulb in 2016.

You can see more glittery sweets in my 2017 Pinterest board.

The first glitter in my glitter candy was a tiny, small glitter bomb that I placed on my desk.

This time, I made the glitter bomb from a huge, glitter-covered snowball.

I did the same with the glitter candy.

These are the two glitter candy I made this year, both made with glitter from a large, glittery snowball.

The sugar cookie icing is super simple, too.

You just cut the cake into squares and add the sugar.

You add the glitter and then mix in some glittery candy.

I used a few different colors of glitter and glitter light bulbs.

You could also use glitter as a glittery sprinkling or add it to your sugar cake.

You could also make glitter cake decorations using glitter light sticks.

I’ve seen some glitter light bulb decorations, but I don’t think they would look good on a sugar cake if they were glittering.

You’ll just need a small light bulb that is not too bright or too dark.

To make the glitter cake, you’ll need to cut the icing into two halves, and place the glitter in the center.

This will give you the shape of the glitter.

Then, cut each half into two smaller, glitter pieces and add them to the cake.

Glitter is just a glitter on top of glitter cake.

You will need to add some glitter and mix it in.

I’ve made two glitter candies this year and they were both glittery.

I love glitter candied with sugar cookies because you can see all of the glitters in the cake, which is a great way to add a little bit of sparkle to your cake.

I hope you enjoyed these glitter candie ideas!

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