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If you have a gender-revealing Halloween decoration, you may have to figure out a way to make it gender-neutral.

This can be tricky. 

Some people may feel comfortable just leaving the decoration gender-inclusive and allowing others to pick and choose what they want to wear, or even putting the decorations up to let people decide.

But other people may want to make sure that their decorations are gender-segregated and gender-sensitive. 

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Read moreWhat to do If your decorations aren’s not gender-queer, you can still make it a gender neutral one. 

The good news is that there are lots of ways to make a gender sensitive decoration gender neutral without altering the decorations itself.

You can do this by creating a gender inclusive design kit that you can get at home. 

For this DIY project, you’ll need: a cookie decorating sheet (for cookies, cupcakes, etc.)

A cookie decorator or cookie cutter A piece of foam, paper, or cardboard to create the decorationsA set of scissors or scissors blades (I used a pair of scissors for this project)A cookie cutter or cookie cutting boardThe ingredientsYou can find all of the ingredients you’ll require at your local food store. 

I used these items to create this cookie decorators kit, which you can download for free here: Free Cookie Decorating Kits for the Modern-Man. 

Here’s how you make the cookies:1. 

Make a cookie cutter. 

Cut out about a 3-inch square. 

If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you could just make the decorations with a sharp knife and a large cookie cutter (you can also make the decoration with a large glass bowl if you’re worried about cutting through the decorating). 


Place the cookie cutters in the freezer. 

Fill your cookie cutter with a small amount of baking powder and mix with a fork. 


Then place the dough into your cookie decorrator and cut out the decorations. 


When you’re ready to put the decorations on, carefully place the cookies into your freezer.

 The cookies should stay in place for about an hour. 


Remove the decorations from the freezer, leaving about an inch of space for them to stick together. 


Sprinkle the cookie decorant over the cookies and decorate the cookies. 


Now it’s time to cut the cookies in half to make the cutouts. 


Once you have your cutouts, you should be able to open them with a cookie cutting blade. 


Put the cutout decorations in a baking dish and put the baking dish in the fridge. 


Repeat this process for the other sides of the cookies, and you should have six decorations.

You may have some leftover decorations from your last decorating session. 

Happy Halloween!