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SAN FRANCISCO — Celebrating 50 years of Western decorating in the San Francisco Bay Area is a lot of fun.

But for some, it can be a little overwhelming, especially for those who love to hang out on the patio and eat dinner outside in the summer.

The Bay Area has been celebrating 50 years since its passage of the Civilian Conservation Act in 1966, when it was created to preserve natural beauty and historic sites from the industrialization of the 1950s to the end of the 20th century.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Western decorators began to move into more traditional residential and commercial areas of the city, and there are now hundreds of Western-style homes and businesses across the Bay Area.

So we really need to work on being a little more inclusive.””

But the West is still the West.

So we really need to work on being a little more inclusive.”

Lefler has seen many people come to her center to hang signs and decorate their homes and offices.

Some, like the owner of an upscale San Francisco hotel, have come with friends.

But the center’s new curator, Lauren Fenn, says she’s seen more people come for the Western decor than for the actual Western decor.

I’ve seen more Westerns in the past couple years than I ever thought I would,” she said.

Fenn said she’s also seen a spike in Westerns being painted over.

She’s also noticed more people in the community getting their own Western decor to decorate.

Fenn, who has worked with the center for years, said she can’t believe how many people are going out and getting their Westerns done.

That’s when she says people have become more aware of what they can do to make their homes a little better.

If you can’t do it yourself, I want to hear from you.

She said she was particularly impressed with the people who came in with friends, and said people are getting creative.

People are painting their walls.

They’re painting the furniture.

They have a lot going on in their home.

There are so many things people are doing to make it look a little nicer,” she told ABC News.

So many people want to do this.

That’s why I really want to support them,” she added.

Western decorators, like Fenn said, need to be aware of how their homes will look when they leave them.

There is no shortage of Westerns and Western decor items for sale in the neighborhood.

And some Western decor stores are getting even more adventurous.

Some Western decor companies are opening their doors to help others sell their products, but some, like Western Furniture, have a reputation for making things more expensive.

Another problem with the trend is that some Westerns can be more expensive than other Westerns, and some people might not be willing to pay the extra cost.

And there’s also a lack of signage.

The Western decor trend has been on the rise for the past few years, with new Western decor styles and styles for the traditional homes.

When I was in college, I would come to the Western Furnishings and buy a Western.

Now, I just go to the other stores and pick up the one I like,” said Fenn.

Even with more Western decor, Fenn and others are finding it difficult to get it right.

For some Western furniture stores, there’s a sense that they are only selling a certain type of Western.

While some are more open about this, others are not. 

One of the major challenges in getting the Western right, said Fudd, is finding a quality manufacturer.

It’s also challenging to get a good Western.

Fudd said she has seen some Western designs get more attention in the last couple of years, but others, like West Furniture and Furniture Depot, aren’t getting as much attention.

A Western that is too expensive or doesn’t have the right accessories, such as a Western sofa or bed, is a no-go, she said, adding that she’s worried about some Western stores selling them at prices they won’t sell to people who want a Western for their home, such a home.

At West Furnishers, the goal is to make a Western that will last.