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If you’re a pumpkin or pumpkin spice aficionado, you’ve probably seen this photo on Pinterest.

It’s a cute, simple photo of an old-fashioned house decorated with pumpkin spice mounds, with a spooky looking door that leads to a creepy-looking basement.

What you might not have realized is that it’s the work of a group of artists, whose collective photos and videos are all featured in the Halloween decor section of the DIY guide.

But, it turns out, that this is the work, at least, of one artist.

“I think I have a good story behind it, so if anyone wants to look up more info, I’m glad to share that,” says Alex G. Lippa, one of the creators of the pumpkin decor project.

“We were looking to try and capture the spirit of the season and our community, so we decided to go to the original house, and try and incorporate the house spirit into the photos.

The original house was built in 1892, and it was in terrible shape, so it was decided to repurpose it.

This is a small house with a lot of history, and the spirit was preserved.”

The photos in this DIY guide, which were created by Lippas, are very basic.

The house in the photo above has only one door, with the windows partially blocked, which Lipps explains as a way to show off the style of the house.

In the photo below, the house is in pretty bad shape, but Lipp’s clever use of the spooky house motif is so clever that it makes it feel like you’re in a haunted house.

“The house has a dark interior with all these little windows,” Lipp says.

“If you look closely, you can see there’s a spook behind the door.”

In the photos above, you’ll see that the door is open, but you can’t see through the window.

The doors are covered with a black cloth that hides the spook, and Lipp uses it as a kind of curtain.

“It’s not a fancy decoration,” he explains.

“Just because you can look through the curtain doesn’t mean it’s a decoration.”

The spook is hidden by a black hood, which he uses as a mask, and a black hat to cover his eyes.

“So the way I look at it is I’m making it so that you can not only see, but feel the fear inside the house,” Littas explains.

The spooky theme also shows up in the photos of the “big house,” which is the original home Lipp created.

This house is still going strong, and has a nice history.

The home is still being renovated, and there are plans to restore it to its original look.

“And there’s plans for a new one as well,” Lips says.

This year, the owner is moving out of the home and into a new location, and he’s hoping to restore the original interior.

He says he has no plans to renovate the house anytime soon, but hopes to keep it up in its original shape.

Litts is planning to paint the house, so you can actually see what it used to look like, as well as the spooks.

“A lot of times, it takes a while for a house to really change,” he says.

But he’s not sure if the spooked atmosphere of the original Halloween house will be lost forever.

“You could always repurface it,” Lizzas says.

The trick is to find a photo or video of the old house, as opposed to the spruce one in the original.

“This is a big house with many windows, so the trick is just to look through those windows and see if you can spot a spooked element,” Lili explains.

You can also try to find an old photograph of the neighborhood that was once part of the community, like in the pictures above.

If you want to take the spiced-up house a step further, you could paint over the spires and the spindly staircase with black paint.

The whole house would still look spooky, and maybe even creepy, but the spry exterior would also look a lot more traditional.