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Boho is the name of the town in the U.K. where the architectural style originated.

It was created in the 16th century by Edward Carpenter, an artist and architect who lived in the area.

Boho was one of the few houses in the region to retain its Victorian character.

Today, Boho boasts more than 2,000 homes, a popular destination for boho-style homes and a unique architectural heritage.

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Boho House Designers, Bowers & Harcourt Architects have designed more than a dozen Boho homes, many in a unique, multi-level structure that is reminiscent of Victorian-era mansions.

These houses range in size from one to three bedrooms, each containing a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

A large, sweeping roof terrace with exposed brick is common throughout these homes.

In addition to Boho style homes, some Boho architects have worked on other projects including a three-story glass-and-steel hotel in Singapore.

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