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“We’re all used to people saying they’re dogs, but they’re actually wolves.”

Dr Haldane said people had to be cautious about asking dogs whether they were wolves, because it was difficult to prove that a dog had seen wolves.

”We have to be careful with the questions we ask.

It’s difficult to say whether they’re wolves or not,” he said.

”But they do not know that they’re a wolf.”

Dr Hádane said it was also important to remember that many of the wolf-dog hybrids were very cute.

”There are really very cute dogs, they’re all very good-natured and playful and there’s not really any real danger from them,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

”So it’s not like a dog with an aversion to people.”

He said he would be happy to see more dogs being tested for wolf-wolf hybrid traits, and he encouraged people to do so.