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Living room decorators in Southern California are finding new trends, like holiday lights, Christmas trees and Christmas carolers, to add to their collection of decorating options.

The trend has been gaining traction since California became the first state to adopt the new rules for homeowners to decorate their living rooms in 2017.

Living room decorants in Southern CA are finding newer and more exotic trends, such as holiday lights Living Room Decoration in Southern Cali, Calif.

source ABC News article Living Room decorators are finding more exotic decorating choices to add the seasonal touch to their decorating projects.

“Our customers are always asking for something different, but we really enjoy the seasonal elements of decor,” said Sarah Brown, who manages the Living Room Furniture store in Irvine, Calif., which also has a popular Christmas tree shop.

“We are excited about that, so we have a whole new selection of things for them.”

The new trend includes Christmas decorations, Christmas carols, holiday trees and other decor items that are made with recycled materials, such like glass, cardboard and aluminum.

The trend has come on leaps and bounds since the state’s new rules were adopted in 2017, with most homeowners now allowed to decorating their homes in the traditional Christmas season.

The rule also allows homeowners to customize their decor for their space with decorations that they create on their own.

The new rules also allow residents to add custom decorations like tree and tree cover, which can be purchased at local stores.

“We are so excited about what our customers are creating, it makes us smile,” said Brown.

“It really brings out the spirit of Christmas, and it’s so cute.

We love it.”