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The parade in New Orleans this year has some exciting new features.

Here’s everything you need to know about them.


There’s no time limit for the parade.

This year’s parade is set to start at 8pm on Saturday night, June 1st, with participants walking to the parade starting from 8pm.

Participants will be able to start from any point in the parade, with many locations offering free parking or even free access to nearby businesses.


You’ll need to wear a mask.

In addition to the traditional costume, there are two other styles of masks available.

One style is the full face coverings.

This is designed for use during the festivities.

Another style is a mask that can be worn over the face, with a hood or a mask attached to the top of the head.

The hood and mask can be purchased at most businesses.


There are no free rides for the night.

Participants are not free to ride during the parade though they are allowed to walk in the streets and participate in other public celebrations during the night, including dancing, street performers and fireworks.


There is a $15 minimum for everyone.

All attendees must pay $15 in order to enter the parade and the festivities are free for children under 12 years old and $10 for anyone over 12 years.


There will be no water, snacks or free drinks.

There also will be a limit on the number of floats in the floats area and it will be restricted to two people per float.


There should be a limited number of vendors to choose from.

Vendors are expected to be able bring in products from around the area that are not allowed in the float area.

There can also be food vendors and there will be an onsite food court, although no vendors will be allowed to sell food or beverages.


You won’t be able do any of the traditional activities that make Mardi Gowns such a special part of the parade but you will be invited to participate in a number of special events and performances.


The parade is free to attend.

Attendees are allowed free admission to all areas of the park, although some people will be asked to pay a fee to be allowed into the park.


There won’t have any restrictions for vendors.

The floats are designed to be an opportunity for vendors to showcase their wares, which means they are expected be respectful of others and will not be allowed in areas with alcohol, tobacco, gambling or drugs.


There’ll be a special event for Mardi Brains fans.

For the second year in a row, Mardi Brisbies are hosting a celebration on Sunday, June 4th.

This will include a live performance from the band of the same name.

The event will include food, live entertainment and special Mardi Bros themed costumes.