CKM Interiors

It’s a typical fall day at the Pampasa Grass decor shop, with shoppers, gardeners and landscapers all gathering to decorate the property.

But on this day, it’s also a chance to meet with a designer, and that designer has created a unique and creative outdoor experience for everyone.

In a room in the back of the shop, designers like Daniel and Tana Pampos have built a simple, minimalist outdoor living room, complete with a bench and wooden seating area.

In this room, Pampassas son Michael is creating a beautiful, outdoor house of his own.

Michael and his mother Tana are creating a new living room for their home in Pampases backyard.

Michael’s mother Tiana (far right) is also in the room creating a living room with a patio.

Pampasses son Michael and his father Tana have built the Pampsa Grass living room out of reclaimed materials from their backyard.

Tana and Michael have taken their favorite outdoor furniture pieces and turned them into a home.

Pampaos father Michael also built the outdoor dining room for his son.

Tama and Daniel, however, have been crafting a space for their son to work.

Their outdoor kitchen is also an addition to the house.

Pampsas daughter Tiana is working on the kitchen.

In the center of the living room is a living-room table that can be used to make a table or an easel.

Tania and Daniel also built a table with an antique-style wood grain, and then used it as a dining table.

This is an addition that allows them to work from home.

In the living-rooms kitchen, the two women have turned the kitchen into a dining room table.

The kitchen, which has a big counter and a sink, has been transformed into a space where they can cook and eat.

Daniel and his wife Tana (right) have turned their kitchen into an outdoor dining area for their kids.

Tamas and Daniel both love their outdoor kitchen, and have turned it into a beautiful dining area.

They have used reclaimed materials and wood for this outdoor kitchen.

Daniel also uses reclaimed materials for the living area of the house and the backyard, as well as the outdoor patio.

This is a beautiful living room that the Pampaas and their friends have created in the backyard.

Daniel’s mom Tana is in the living space, creating an outdoor kitchen for their family.

This living room also includes a dining area and table.

Daniel has a fireplace in the kitchen and a fireplace on the patio.

This area also has a wall with the word “EASY” on it, a sign that reads “Easy to work out of.”

This area is a great way to work and relax on a sunny day.

This outdoor kitchen also has an outdoor fireplace, and Tania, Daniel and their family are all working together to create an outdoor patio area for the family.