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In the last two decades, Israeli home decor has been slowly gaining popularity, and the trend is set to continue with the upcoming christmas season.

In the United States, the trend has become a hot topic of conversation.

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to decorate their homes with holiday decorations, and even some American companies are starting to stock it.

But for some Israelis, the decorating trend is just as important as the Christmas decorations, as they have the chance to make a huge impact on the culture.

“We want to make sure the Jewish holiday season continues, not only for Israel but for the whole world, and that everyone is able to celebrate,” said Uri Barak, who owns the Shul Shomayim store in the city of Tel Aviv.

Barak has become an international brand ambassador for the company, which specializes in custom Christmas decorations.

He has created a line of custom Christmas trees for homes and offices, as well as Christmas tree lights, which can be purchased from the Shabbat market.

Barack and his family have also created a large collection of Christmas trees, as he hopes to sell them to international companies and museums.

“The tree, as it was designed, is meant for the Israeli market.

The decorations were designed for the international market, but I think we have a good chance to attract international clients,” he said.

The Shul Shop is located on the corner of the Elie Hotel and Elie Boulevard, and it sells more than 100 different Christmas decorations a day.

Barik hopes that with the Christmas season starting, the decorations will spread throughout the country.

“I hope to start selling the Christmas tree at the Shurat Shimon Center for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

This would be a way to give an alternative to the Christmas trees sold in America,” he added.

Israel has been the largest recipient of foreign aid in recent years, with the country receiving nearly $2 billion in 2015, and more than $2.6 billion in 2016.

Barak believes that with Christmas in Israel, the country is looking forward to the upcoming season, and wants to do everything in his power to make this a success.

“I think that we will enjoy Christmas season even more, because we have the Christmas holidays here.

I hope this will bring even more joy to the holiday season, especially for our people,” Barak said.